I bought the Privia the day after Christmas to start learning on. Tonight while playing "America" the C above middle C started buzzing from what I thought was the right speaker. Actually I was almost sure it was the right speaker. Anyway being scared to death because I had seen this problem posted many times before on these forums I tightened the wing bolts on a lark and the problem got worse (I have the matching stand and pedal kit). I detached the DP and laid it on the bed. Something just told me to play it before I boxed it up and called Musician's Friend. No Buzz. confused Perplexed, I tightened all the screws and bolts on the stand, took off and reinserted the score stand, and put it back on. No buzz. Now weather it was a loose screw, the score stand, or just the way the DP had settled in the stand and was making contact with it I don't know, but there was vibration from somewhere that was harmonically interacting with that note to cause a buzz. The next time someone has this problem I would tell them to do the same thing and see what happens.

Casio CGP 700 and love it. Learning with Piano For All and think it's the bomb. Picking up beginner pieces as time allows and I have lots of time :-)