Like the Roland C-30 Digital Harpsichord, it's almost impossible to locate one within driving distance in order to try it out. That's a big gripe I have with Roland.

I cannot speak for the C-30 Harpsi since I can't try one out, but I do have the C-200 Organ. Very briefly here, the organ voices are excellent, and you get a great spread of stops. But that's for an organist to really scope out in review. For me, the organ voices work just fine.

The harpsi voices, 8I & 8II, deserve some hands on comment. Each voice has a problem with 2 keys in the area of mid C + 1 octave, the exact keys depend on how you set the tuning. Those 2 keys are volume excessive and tacky, hence buyer beware. They may or may not bother you, tho, so my statement here could be somewhat subjective.

However, objectively speaking, when coupling 8I + 8II, it sounds like a 12 string guitar, with very widely spaced detuning, and in my opinion, completely unplayable when coupled.

There are two pianos, a Forte Piano and a Grand Piano. I can't comment on the Forte, having never heard one. But the Grand Piano voice is actually quite good and very pleasant to play over.

You cannot tweak the velocity on the pianos, but you get used to it, and can in fact adjust it a bit with the tone control.

Having said all that, the C-200 is best with an external amplified speaker system, maybe played in conjuction with the C-200's internal amp/speaker system.

The C-200 goes for about $2,400. Organ style keys, they are weighted, the action is very solid and precise.

It would be nice of Roland to locate these two very important instruments in stores where we all could try before we buy. The C-200 would not be difficult to return, it's only 26 pounds without the packaging, but the C-30 is large and heavy.

I have tried many different digital keyboards over many years, searching for the right harpsichord voices. Your average workstation or synth will most likely not be the right one, assuming you have a sharp ear for harpsichord timbre. The C-30 and the C-200 look the part, like real instruments. Now, we need to get them out there where we can see them.