Hello everyone,

I want to learn to play a piano piece that I have in MIDI format on my computer by using my Casio LK-215's learning (waiting) mode. The keyboard can play the MIDI file from the SD card, however the keys do not light up, as happens with other songs in its internal memory. Also, more importantly, upon pressing the lesson button, the keyboard does not wait for me to press the key for the first note of the piece, instead proceeds to just play the piece, as if I had just pressed the Play button.

All MIDIs that I tried have properly separated channels (for LH and RH), and worked fine with the learning/waiting mode of my previous (Yamaha) keyboard. This Casio keyboard expects all MIDIs to be in format 0, which they all were. I also tried converting the MIDIs to CM2 format (a Casio proprietary format), however the keyboard behaves in the same way with those files.

Has anyone had a more positive experience using MIDI files for learning on a Casio keyboard? Many thanks in advance for any replies!