Hello guys.

I've been really needing some help with choosing a digital piano, I would really appreciate some help here.

The thing is that i'm going to buy a digital piano, and I only have 2 options available. There's no more digital pianos that I know of in my country, at least that I can afford.

So, the options are, as the title says:
1. Yamaha Arius YDP-141
2. Roland RP-201WC

I'm looking for something that is the most realistic possible, like an acustic piano, with an authentic feel of the keys and quality of the sound.
In the other side, I need a midi output to transfer recorded music to my PC, and both of them have that.

I don't know much about digital pianos, but checking out the specs of this two, I see that both seem to have a nice Ivory feel keys, with dynamic sampling.

Another thing I need to mention, is that I don't have the opportunity to try them out!

So, I don't know, what should I choose? Yamaha's GHS action or Roland's PHA Alpha II?

What's better, GHS action or PHA-Alpha II action, for someone who looks for the most similar to an acustic piano?

I was looking here: http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubb...20YDP%20161%20vs%20Roland%20RP%2020.html
Not the same comparison, but it said, for example:
1. You like the Yamaha because it has heavier keys (implying that you like the Yamaha action better)
2. You find the Roland more realistic (implying that you like the Roland action better)

Is that true?

So, in summary, maybe this two DP has some pros and cons, but if we balanced realistic keys and feel, acustic piano like, and sound quality, which of these two would be the best election?

Once again, I can't try them and these are the two options I have. I would really appreciate your help. Please tell me, the most objective way possible, which one would you recommend me and why.

Thanks you very much!