Hi folks!

I'm looking to purchase my first digital piano and start up playing after a long, long, hiatus. Playing was never more than a hobby for me, but it was a good one and I'm looking forward to banging out some 80s rock-ballads the wife teases me about. wink Also, my three kids (7B, 8B, 9G) are interested in learning. So after many, many hours lurking, searching, reading, repeat, I figured I make my first post.

I've played all of the above instruments and think they all sound great. I can hear some differences in the sound, but I'm not sure if it's going to make a huge difference to me once it's home. I can feel a little difference in the actions, but don't know enough at this point to say which one is "better". The wife simply says to buy the cheapest one (CE220) and move on. Buy something else when I know more. I'm hoping to get a little more feedback before pulling the trigger.

What are the main differences between the CN34 and the CE220? There's not a big difference in price and I had difficulty figuring out sound and feel differences. I didn't spend very much time on the CN34. I saw it as we were leaving.

I know the CA63 was one of Kawai's best models. The price is down around $2,600 and I think I can do better. Since that's close to the others I wanted to consider it. Am I going to be disappointed with an older model, especially when comparing it to the others?

Finally, I was hugely impressed when leaving the Yamaha dealership, but this was my first stop and introduction to digital pianos. Plus, the guy showing me was an incredible pianist! Seems like most folks here prefer the less expensive Kawais. I guess I just wanted to throw it out there. There's the "once-a-year" sale tomorrow on the Yamaha so we didn't really talk price. I know they're willing to come off the list price and get it comparable to the other DPs I'm considering.

I'm exhausted looking so would love to get anyone's input on this. I think I'm overwhelmed and would be incredibly happy with any of these. Once I'm competent in playing I'm sure I'll have another opinion. For now, though, I'm siding the with the wife's price-preference. Thoughts?

Thanks a bunch!