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I received a few PMs asking about the demo test, so to be fair to anyone who hadn't heard it, here's the Large Nord Fazioli sample again on "Pensativa"

Many have already heard this but here's the Nord Bosendorfer and Yamaha CP5 recorded last Spring of '12 again for comparison. I did use differing mic pres for these two. Due the nature of the Nord samples, I think the John Hardy Twin Servo is more flattering for the Nord Bosendorfer then the more transparent Forssell SMP-2. On the other hand, the CP5 best benefits from the Forssell to my ears. These demo tests were made before I'd purchased the JMK Audio JM-110 di/pre. For these DPs, I'd have to give the nod to the JM-110 at this time. It has the best of both worlds--transparency and just a tad of color which adds a nice vibe for the digital sound.

Nord Bosie

Yamaha CP5

I'll leave these up here for 10 days or so and then probably delete them...so go ahead and download them now, if so desired, as opposed to later.

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Again, perhaps heard by a few already, here's the Nord Bright Grand XL in action last year on a student demo at LA Music Academy. So now you have all these most recent Nord sample clips in one place.

This is a first take on the student's composition and recorded live in the studio. Piano comping solo for trumpet solo starts at 2:00 and then piano solo around 3:05: