I'm hoping none of you guys consider it sacrilegious to tamper with the works of the masters (though I gather that Schubert's Wanderer isn't particularly well liked on this forum for some reason. I don't see why -- the rhythmic motif and the harmonies are surprisingly gratifying, though perhaps admittedly a little too much so at times. But I digress).

So anyway, bored at the piano one evening, I decide to whip up a really short sketch (it's only about 1 minute) based on the simple dum dum-dum dum motif and the ascending scales the left hand plays near the end of the first movement. And because I'm definitely not going to write a parody (somewhat) of Schubert for piano, I decide to orchestrate it (rather crudely, I must admit, and intentionally so at times). An hour or so later, this popped up.


I'm probably not going to expand this into a full piece, but just thought I'd put it out there if anybody's interested. Comments are welcome as well, though I haven't really bothered to do up a proper score so don't feel obliged to crtique this haha. But I've rambled enough, I suspect it'll take you longer to read my piece than to listen to it, which is a problem. So.

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