I want to record some tunes by playing individual parts (e.g. bass, piano, vibes) on my Yamaha P90, and layering them together.

If you've done something like that can you give me some advice, or tell me of pitfalls to avoid.

To show you where I am, this is a recording I made this morning:


I did that by first recording a bassline in the P90's track 1, then the piano comping and piano RH in track 2, recorded at 100 BPM. I then played it back at 200 BPM and recorded it into the computer, sending the piano output into my laptop with Audacity recording.

Next, I overwrote track 2 on the P90 with the vibes, and recorded that into the computer.

Finally, I overwrite track 2 with the Hammond B3 sound, and combined that with the other tracks.

I'd like to avoid spending money on more hardware, but should I get a replacement for Audacity?