Hey all,

If anyone is interested in trying out some exceptional pianos with the warmest welcome possible, it really would be worth your while to check out the Kasimoff's Bluthner dealership on Larchmont in L.A. They've got a wide selection of modern grands and uprights (including concert grands), plus at least one 19th century Bluthner and various fortepianos and harpsichords (Neuperts) and a nice range of Henle editions. I head to L.A. at least once a year, and I always make a point to visit the store because Helga and Kyril (the owners) are always interested in sharing their new instruments and discussing the history of the store and of the Bluthner company. They also have a really cool 1960s East German Bluthner-moving truck (which reportedly Jean-Yves Thibaudet found at least as interesting as the pianos!). People of renown filter through there - Emanuel Ax gave the inaugural concert of one of their fortepianos, Yo-Yo Ma practiced there, etc.

I don't mean to advertise; simply sharing my good experience there!