This afternoon I heard a stunning performance while driving, a Mozart piano concerto played with exquisite clarity and nuance. I didn't know who was playing, though I've given it away in the thread title. (I also didn't know which concerto; turns out it was no. 15 in B-flat.)

I could tell it was an older recording because of the slight phonographic hiss between movements. A few famous names went through my mind as I marveled at the music, but Bernstein was absolutely not one of them! I had forgotten that he was trained as a pianist, and I certainly had no idea his playing was so magical.

This was a recording made in 1956 with the Columbia studio orchestra. Unfortunately I can't share the sound here. There is a Youtube posting of a later performance of the piece by Bernstein, but I wouldn't recommend that one. It just doesn't have the special sound I heard, either in the recording or in the performance.

I did find the 1956 recording on Amazon, in a CD re-release which I hope preserves the sound I loved. I don't have it yet, obviously.

This made me realize the value of that old-fashioned medium, radio! Where else do you get to hear music you would never think of looking for?
(Yes, the Piano forum! ok, Youtube if you browse enough, but who has time?)

Oh, and praise also for the continued existence of classical music radio here, at least during the day (they play jazz at night).

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