Hello everyone,

Lets start with a little introduction. I'm Raymond van der Waal, I'm Dutch and I like to play the piano.
In january this year I started posting my piano arrangements on youtube and I have been doing this (not on a really regular basis unfortunately) ever since. I get a lot of positive feedback but it's still hard for me to get an audience and that's why I decided to post my videos on a couple of forums. But enough about me let's get to the video

Since I'm a big James Bond fan I couldn't resist to cover the latest James Bond theme: Skyfall. This tremendous new song by Adele really captered my attention and because I was already planning to make a new cover for the last 3 weeks I immediately started playing, practicing and planning for this video. With my newly bought video gear and someone who could record the sound with profesional microphones I went to the local piano dealer and recorded my video on a real Yamaha concert grand piano. (still very grateful for that opportunity)
After recording I went home and put another 6 hours in putting all the video footage together and making a nice video with alot of video transitions and variations.
I hope you like it
And feel free to give comments, tips or any other kind of feedback