I've been reading previous posts on this forum regarding digital vs. acoustic but couldn't find one that matches my questions specifically... Some overview: I'm an intermediate level player (finished ABRSM Gr. 7), have quit taking lessons and just play for fun now. I sold my Yamaha CLP-320 2 years ago, as I moved from Canada to Asia.. been moving around a lot, so haven't owned an acoustic piano since I was a teen.

I'm looking to buy a piano now, but my budget is somewhere around $2200ish (USD). I went to the store to test out the CLP-430 and the 440 today, and preferred the key action on the 440. The price difference was about $500. The 440 retails for $2200 at the store.

I also went to try out some used Yamahas, but they were all in the 35-45 year old range, and cost the same as the 440. They seemed to be in good condition, but I'm no expert, and around here, piano experts are few and far between (I'm in Asia).

I am not sure I trust the stores to sell second hand pianos in good condition, mainly because the weather here is hot and humid, so acoustic pianos don't last long unless they are VERY well taken care of. I really don't have access to an expert who I can bring along with me to check the pianos out and would have to take the seller's word for it. The stores I looked at sell refurbished pianos of various brands, but I like Yamaha best. The ones I tested were U1Es.

Any advise? I know that acoustics are of course, better, but I am in kind of a funny situation because I'm not in the financial position to spend $6000 on a brand new U1, so a used one is a compromise... or am I just better off buying a brand new CLP 440?