Just a question that's been bugging me for a while:

When my piano (5'11") was delivered the movers made me sign a waiver before they would bring in my piano. Apparently my house layout, which is an early 70's bi-level, made for a difficult move and the movers refused to bring the piano upstairs before I signed their paperwork, which would excuse them from any liability if the piano were to become damaged during the move.

I certainly wasn't going to see my new piano packed back on the truck and hauled away, but nor did I feel that I should be paying big bucks to repair a piano before it had even entered my home, should any damage occur. I eventually signed the paperwork and the movers did a wonderful job getting the piano in place without incident.

I know that movers aren't miracle workers and if a piano doesn't fit, it just doesn't fit. But in this case they took measurements and deemed that the move was possible, but made me sign their waiver anyways. I can tell you that had my piano became damaged and I was now on the hook for repairs, I would be one terminally unhappy fellow. Do movers not have business insurance for this very reason? Don't piano movers have specialized insurance that covers the one service their business provides? Is this not why people pay big bucks for their services?

Just wondering because my family and I are looking to move and am dreading moving my baby again!


Hailun 178