Hi there, i'm looking at some piano that we're considering for our 9 and 11 yrs old boys. They've been taking piano for 2.5 years and current at leve 3-4 CM. We've been using weighted ditigal keyboard as well as an old balwin upwright 30-40 yrs. teacher asked us to get newer than 10 yr old. the intention is to have them develop strong fingering etc...WE do intent to keep this 10-20 year if possible

are these Kawai good fit and resonsably prices or we should be looking at something else comparable. We're opening to newer Kawai or Yamaha but can't afford to spend much nowaday
Kawai K25 ($2800 asking)
Kawai K50($4900 asking)
Kawai K60 ($5.5-6K asking)

K25 comparable to T series?
are the K50 comparable to Yamaha U1?

K60 comparable to U3 or U5?

YOur help is greatly appreciated.