Hello all.
This is my first post and I am still learning the forum software. Hope this post finds the right sub-section.
I play Saxes: Bass, Bari, Tenor, Alto, and Soprano and want to get together with friends to play a little blues. I just purchased a Roland Rd 150 for my wife to play. We have a Kurtzweil electric piano, with less than 88 keys. My wife Carolyn wanted an 88 keyboard and this Roland RD 150 will do nicely. She is classically trained and I want her to perform with our group and learn to play stride and blues piano. She is all in if we get this unit up and running.

Here is the problem. Although the actions is very good and the unit seems to produce good audio, it has one black key stuck in the down position, and a couple of other keys on the other end of the board that have good action but no sound is produced.
I have disassembled and separated the keyboard from the electronics. I need to know the best way to release the key hinges. It appears to have one long thin pointed hinge pin the full length of the keyboard. Before I do some irreparable damage, can each key be released from the hinge or must I completely pull the hinge pin out the end of the key bed to release all 88 the keys? Or is there a simpler way?

A couple of youtube videos shoe keys being release by using a flat blade screw driver, but those are not this model. I do not want to do damage before I start.
Any suggestions on how to extract the keys is appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from one of the electronic stage piano gurus here. Thanks for any help you can offer. Bigbaribob