Hello assembled pianists!

I'm a multi-instrumentalist looking for a good practice keyboard with "piano-like" weighted keys. I have a good sample player, so it doesn't need to have any built-in synthesis (though it'd be nice). I currently use a StudioLogic (Fatar) SL-161 in the studio, but it's only 5 octaves and feels really plastic, and a Casio PX-800 in the living room -- much better action, but it's too big for the studio and has no pitch/mod wheels.

My desired features are:

1 - "Slab" format (like a simple MIDI controller)
2 - Weighted keys (as realistic as affordable)
3 - 76-notes (no room for 88)
4 - Pitch/mod wheels at the foot of the keyboard (sorry, but I do occasionally use synth sounds) (no need for other MIDI sliders, etc.)
5 - MIDI out (preferable to USB)
6 - Built-in synth would be nice, but not necessary ("Controller" OK)
7 - Ability to do at least simple keyboard splits (for MIDI send)
8 - Really cheap (< $500) (I spent too much already this year on percussion and Chapman Sticks)

I'm assuming I'd get a better keyboard looking for a used model, so I've been looking on EBay at used Kurzweils (e.g., K1200 Pro76 or EGP -- really old; not sure which models are "weighted" vs "semi-weighted") because I know they generally have good actions.

What do you all recommend?

…any reply appreciated…

Stephen from Santa Barbara (http://HeavenEverywhere.com)

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Stephen from Santa Barbara