I did on a Steynway (1980 , mod A, N.Y. new soundboard, nice piano)

Thinned many of the shanks so none is sounding higher than the next.

I cannot say if the tone is a "proof" of the elasticity, but it gave a clear audible better evening of the tone.

It is rare that defects are not noticed before, and their absence is... so I would say it is more important than considered.

The shanks where all thinned, so it was easier to scrap them (between 32 and 128 times all along under the shank, a little on the edges too... the larger shanks are less easy to even (more scraping)

It is easy to listen. some shanks had a minor third difference with their neighbours . I am not under the impression that the most thinned shanks where providing less dynamic, on the contrary.

The ppp nuance is really even and neat.

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