I'm finally getting an acoustic piano after about six years of playing on shitty digi pianos and I need advice.

First things first:
*price range is a maximum of 5500 euro
*It's gotta be silent (my family don't care for the piano)
*It can be second hand

so it seems like the K15 Silent Anything is perfect right?

One problem: I think it's ugly as f**k, with those console keys, no legs, eugh, what? If it just had fraking legs I'd be fine, I think it just looks weird.
I know this is very nit picky, but this is something I expect to have for all my life, something I'd wanna give to my kids, and I think it's appearance would put me off constantly.

Any suggestions? Keep in mind I'm in Ireland and there's basically only one major piano dealer here ("Pianos Plus").
I have talked to the dealers about this and they said they'd let me know if they got in any more second hand silents. Just my luc kreally: there was a silent piano with legs for 4500 there on the day I visited and it was just sold, I was so disappointed.


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