Yo Piano World,

Here's a recording I made today of the famous Fantasiestücke, Op. 12 No 2. After watching myself play, I realized a lot of flaws, the entries made by the first subject is quite rushed. (IMO)

I recently played this for a piano competition, I was very nervous.... I couldn't pedal properly because I was literally shaking. I usually am nervous, but never to this extent. To a more healthy extent I guess...

I don't perform in this manner on stage, the extravagant gestures just reflect my personality, I command the stage with much more seriousness.

I intend to play this piece in upcoming competitions.

Here are the main comments I received from the adjudicator at the competition.

- Lots of mislearnt notes
- The more gentle ''F'' section were played with far too much aggression
- There is a need for greater understanding of this music!
- The raw material is convincing.

I shall upload a more serious performance once I have made corrections based on a combination of adjudicator and Piano World comments.

Criticize away!