I find some of Clementi's the most appealing works to perform. No wonder he influenced Beethoven so. I present the Sonata in F minor which is underrated. The Scarlatti sonatas are popular ones and have the usual impossible devices such as rapid hand crossing with punctating mordents. Hadyn's sonata in C is probably his most virtuoso [sounding]. So much so, even Lang Lang has performed it [miles too fast, of course]. The Bach Ricercar a3 is a delightful "exotic" piece which appeared to partially inspire Chopin's 1st Sonata.

Limited rehearsal time has promted the odd flaw, but mostly nice playing.

Clementi Sonata in F Minor Op13 No6

Haydn Sonata in C HobXVI-50 ist movt [no repeats]

Bach A Musical Offering Ricercar a3 BMV1079

Scarlatti Sonata 25 in E major

Sonata 241 in A minor
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