Carl Vine's Piano Concerto No. 2 was premiered at the Sydney Opera House last night. Hugh Wolff conducted the Sydney Symphony with Piers Lane at the piano.
Review from J-Wire

Anyone know more detail about the piece or the premiere to share?
Any friends down under actually able to be in attendance?

From the article:
It is a wonderful piece of music and if it ever comes out on record I’ll buy it. The premier owed much of its success to the piano soloist, Australian, Piers Lane, whose powerful technique seems at its best when held in place by collaboration with an orchestra. The first movement is announced by crashing chords from the piano and, from there, the score hardly lets up on the pianist, with the orchestra pausing from time to allow him short cadenzas.

The three movements are named Rhapsody, Nocturne and Cloudless Blue but they don’t follow these descriptions too closely. They often burst into stomach-jumping rhythms, which make great demands on soloist and orchestra alike. The slow movement brings out some gorgeous, lingering harmonies, especially during unusual combinations of instruments such as the pairing of piano and tuba at the opening.
The third and final movement again has the pianist, the conductor and the orchestra caught up in hopping frenzy, which suddenly melts away into shady poetry.

With all this emotion building, I expected an explosive finish – and got one. A hard working Piers Lane ripped down the keyboard and played his final chord standing up, he was so excited. Carl Vine appeared from the wings and there was a hug fest between conductor Hugh Wolff, Piers Lane and Carl Vine. It was a memorable performance.

Regarding Michael Kieran Harvey's premiere of the first concerto, Michael supposedly said during an early version of the work "It’s no good... I can play it.” That makes me cringe a little bit. Hopefully that's a joke...


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