I'm new to this board and an amateur pianist. My wife and I have been looking for a while and have come across a Kohler and Campbell KCM 600 that the dealer is selling for $7797 (plus tax)... It was repossessed from previous owner due to a loss of job... the piano is two years old, and was lightly used. I have read on this board varying opinions regarding some of the K&C models. We went this weekend and I played it a bit and the only semi-intellegent observation I could make was that the keys seemed to respond a little slower than other pianos I've played. The dealer said the "bounce" was normal. He of course played on it and it sounded great.

So I'm simply wondering if any of you would be willing to comment on the overall quality of the K&C KCM 600 for a decent but not great pianist who is looking at $8K as the max I could spend on a grand piano, and that it would hopefully be the only piano I buy. Other recommendations are also welcome.

Thanks in advance.