I'm moving to the Metrowest suburbs of Boston and will be commuting to Cambridge/Boston for work. I'm looking for a new teacher either in a nearby town or in Cambridge/Boston convenient to my commute.

Just to give you some background, I started completely from scratch as an adult beginner and I've now been studying piano seriously for almost 6 years. I've studied since the beginning with the same teacher who has been quite a good teacher for me and has been conveniently located near my house in the Chicago suburbs. I'm used to playing 3 recitals per year and I've also had the opportunity to play with other adult students in his studio at group lessons several times per year. On top of that, I do coaching sessions with a university teacher a few times per semester and usually do what I call my piano summer camp with her for a few weeks each year. I have 60-min lessons once a week except when my teacher is on vacation.

I'm currently working on Bach's Invention No. 13 in a Minor and a minuet in D Major from Mozart's Viennese Sonatinas. The most recent pieces I finished up are Beethoven's Bagatelle in g Minor (Op. 119, No. 1; see the next ABF forum recital for a submission) and Bach's Invention No. 6 in E Major if that gives you an idea where I am these days. I have a rate I'm used to paying with my usual teacher, but am prepared to find that lessons are more expensive in Boston. I've also really enjoyed studying with the university teacher when I've had the chance and it's been interesting to appreciate the differences in teaching styles and approaches to the instrument. I'm happy with what I've been doing, but after 6 years with the same teacher, it is also exciting to move on to someone else, just for the variety.

I'd like to find a teacher who will challenge me and encourage me to keep developing as a pianist and who will further my knowledge of music in general. I'm an academic, so I also have theoretical, historical, and research interests that I Iike to tie in with learning to play the piano and learning about music structure, theory, and history. I'm open to pretty much anything that would be a good fit for me, private lessons in a teacher's home studio, something through one of the conservatories there, something suburban or in Boston/Cambridge, etc. Given the high number of conservatories, music schools, and universities, there must be a ton of opportunities, but it also makes trying to find someone quite daunting.

I had already seen that Boston has a very active Boston Piano Amateurs Association and I'm interested in finding out more about it as well.

Any help or recommendations, contact information or websites would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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