Horowitz did some composing early on. It is said that he originally wanted to be a composer, not a performing pianist, but had to start performing because his family needed the money. (Imagine, playing piano for money because what you really want to do pays less.) grin

"Danse Excentrique" is one of just two pieces of his that we know (not counting his transcriptions). It's not at all the kind of thing we might have expected from him: it's basically a rag, and we might even say it's jazzy. I was surprised to find out that he didn't write it after coming to the U.S. He wrote it while he was still living in Russia, a few years before leaving.

I've been working on the piece and I included it in my entry for the Cliburn amateur piano video contest (winner decided by online vote). I won't embed it here because I already put it on Pianist Corner and I don't want to be flooding the site with it, but here's a link to it over there. I'd be interested in what any of you from here might think of it -- the piece as well as my playing of it. And of course, need I say, I'd be thrilled with your support in the contest if you think this deserves it.