Good morning folks,

Kawai Japan has recently issued a software update for the ES7 portable digital piano. This update (actually two updates: v1.11 and v1.10) addresses some issues related to the internal song recorder, and improves the Rhythm Section chord detection and damper pedal response curve. The full changelog is listed below by category:

V1.11 (July 2012)

- Improved: The damper pedal response curve is now closer to that of a real concert grand piano.

- Fixed: The default (power on) MIDI receive mode was changed to Omni On.
- Fixed: The sostenuto pedal MIDI command when multi-timbral mode is enabled.

- Improved: Various operation details.

V1.10 (June 2012)

- Fixed: When Layer Dynamics is set to OFF, the layer sound's touch response was not disabled.

- Fixed: Internal recorder was not able to delete a part individually.

- Improved: Changed chord detection when using Full Keyboard ACC Mode (e.g. Adding OnBass Chord).
- Improved: Display now shows additional chord types (e.g. 9, M9, m9, mM9, 7(b9), 7(#9)).

- Improved: Various operation details.
- Improved: Display now shows message when turning off power.
- Improved: Increase in overall volume.

The software update and update instructions can be downloaded directly from Kawai Japan at the the following URL:

Note that Kawai software updates are cumulative. I.e. the v1.11 update also includes the fixes and improvements of v1.10 etc.

ES7 owners are encouraged to update their instruments to use this latest software version. Please feel free to post your feedback in this thread.


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