The question of the degree of damping in multiple key press on the acoustic grand piano and DP (on sustain).

1. Press sustain
2. Press the button much bass, then half a second to click 5-6 times the same key, but very, very weak (the pedal all the while being held down)
3. Sustain Release
4. Repeat the experiment with other keys (in the bass).

It is desirable to record the result and send it to me for further analysis by email (

Example of strange damping:

Example of damping on a upright:

Example of correct dumping on a DP:

Unfortunately, I do not now possible to record the experiment on the ACOUSTIC grand piano (no upright and no DP), so if anyone can help please make a record!

There is a MIDI file (for reference) -

Update - if you have the opportunity to experiment, but you can not write, just comment!

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