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the rease I was comparing 52" Petrof P131 with 48" Yamaha U1 and Kawai K3 is trying to emphsize how "small" the Petrof pianos are.

when buying a piano, I think, to be fare, buyers shoud compare the pianos with the same size like Petrof P131 vs Yamaha U3 vs Kawai K6/K8.

Am I wrong again?
Yes and no.

When comparing pianos, size is probably where most folks start...you compare a 6 foot grand vs another maker's 6 foot grand. And that's ok, as long as you are comparing similar type pianos. Say Yamaha vs Kawai, or Nordiska vs Hailun, etc.

The problem comes when you compare dissimilar instruments...I like the Nordiska 165 just fine, but you butt it up against a first class German piano - even a smaller piano - and it comes out second best.

Don't get caught up in the statistics...just play and listen to the pianos. They'll tell you what you want to know...

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