Greetings Fellow Pianoworlders!

I've just finished writing a cycle of twenty four preludes for piano in every key. This work has been quite a labor for the past 7 months of my life, and I'm absolutely overjoyed to finally be able to share it with you all. I hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions, feedback, suggestions, etc. etc.



Sibelius file:
MIDI file:

As I assume the majority of you will not want to take the time to listen to the entire 55 minute work, I've ordered the preludes into a list of my own personal recommendations, separated into fast and slow preludes for your convenience. My aim was to write the cycle in such a way that made it acceptable to be listened to as both a set of self standing pieces and also as a complete cohesive work, so if you enjoy listening to them separately, I strongly recommend you go back and take the time to listen to them as a set, from start to finish.

1. Prelude No. 7 in A major
2. Prelude No. 8 in F# minor
3. Prelude No. 17 in Ab major
4. Prelude No. 9 in E major
5. Prelude No. 14 in Eb minor
6. Prelude No. 22 in G minor
7. Prelude No. 2 in A minor
8. Prelude No. 24 in D minor
9. Prelude No. 4 in E minor
10. Prelude No. 3 in G major
11. Prelude No. 18 in F minor
12. Prelude No. 16 in Bb minor
13. Prelude No. 13 in F# major

1. Prelude No. 1 in C major
2. Prelude No. 21 in Bb major
3. Prelude No. 23 in F major
4. Prelude No. 20 in C minor
5. Prelude No. 12 in G# minor
6. Prelude No. 10 in C# minor
7. Prelude No. 11 in B major
8. Prelude No. 15 in Db major
9. Prelude No. 6 in B minor
10. Prelude No. 5 in D major
11. Prelude No. 19 in Eb major

Thank you for taking the time to listen!
-Steven O'Brien

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