A couple years back we purchased a older Steinway M with the intention of restoring. I played as a kid and am enjoying returning to the piano. However, as we contemplated a possible move, and the cost of a remodel, we decided to let it go in favor of something smaller and less needy. Truth be told, I've lost the stomach for a $20k remodel.

So the piano is sold (made money) and I'm looking for a solid replacement. I expect to augment with another grand in the future (which makes a digital somewhat of an option), but perhaps not anytime soon. So I need to pick something I can live with.

For digital, I've looked at the AvantGrand N2 & N3, and the Kawai CA93. Nice alternatives, but quite frankly, I live where there is one Yamaha, and one Kawai dealer within 500 miles. The prices are sky high and there's not much negotiating (you can negotiate down to MSRP).

Long way of getting to the point. I've found a nice 1994 Yamaha MP100 (an original U1 silent). The lady wants $5k which is way to much, but I'm struggling with what is fair. I'm thinking perhaps $3500, if the sound board checks out as good as it looks, and the technician likes it as much as I think. The age of the technology, etc., in ~20 year old electronics, makes me think the price should be quite low. Again, the piano itself looks great (hardly used).


AvantGrand N3