Hello, I intend to re-play piano.I have played many years as a kid, when digital pianos...didn't exist. I'm thinking of buying a digital piano and, in 5-10 years, I could buy a acoustic one so, in the meantime, I'm thinking of purchasing a used one. Have a a few questions...if someone is kind enough to help me.

1. How old can a piano be and still have a good enough sound/feel, or as technology evolved so much in the last 10 years?
2. How much should I pay for a yamaha CLP-950 that hasn't been used much (the asking price is 1100$. Isn't that way to much) ?
3. The owner tells me they bought it 3 years ago, new, Since this model has been discontinued in early 2000...is this possible ? How long can music stores actually hold a model ?
4. I tried a new YDP-161 and it sounded goog enough (it was 1500$) ? Would the CLP-950 compare (sound, speakers, feeling)?

I know I have many questions...any piece of information you can provide will help me so much.

Merci ! (sorry for the mistakes - english is not my first tong)