MusicMuse, an Akron, Ohio based company recently launched it's Kickstarter project: The Future of Online Music Education for All.

If you have not heard of Kickstarter, then you really need to go check out their website. Kickstarter is a creative funding platform that allows companies who need extra funding to get support from interested parties. Products that need funding range from new video games to documentary's to music albums, and of course technology, plus so much more. Be careful, though, you'll get stuck there for hours reading through project after project of unique ideas.

MusicMuse chose to use Kickstarter because they have a project where students/musicians can get 24/7 access to quality music education via streaming video lessons from their website. This company is in need of more funding to start filming more lesson content--the website with it's membership platform has already been built. In fact, that's where they've spent the bulk of their time and initial capital investments. It is a neat concept, and they believe that people are in need of convenient and affordable music education. I see the need, especially, with the school funding crisis, fiasco on top of the global economic downturn.

If you want to learn more about their Kickstarter project, you can visit it by clicking here. Or you can just check out the MusicMuse website. Which by the way is

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