Hi to everyone! What I'm going to show you will surprise you! (I hope haha) wink

I want to introduce you this group from my city, called "Ad-Libitum". This group dedicate to do wonderful arrangements on actual music that almost everybody recognize. This group told me about a possible special collaboration for this show, I said Ok and i'm very proud of that smile

On of the most curiouse things of this group is the components. This group is composed by: TWO BASSOONS, A SAXOPHONE AND THE BASE (piano, guitar and drums)

Could you imagine a bassoon performing "Show must go on" from Freddy Mercury?

In this video you could listen to:

1. Tango
2. Show must go on (Freddy mercury)
3. Party rock anthem (LMFAO)
4. Mamma Mia (ABBA)
5. Ai si eu ti pego (Michel Teló)
6. Lambada (Kaoma)
7. Danza Kuduro (Don Omar)
8. Rolling in the Deep (Adèle)

Well, without delay here you have the video. I hope you like it! laugh