I wonder if someone knows of a service that can render midi files into sound, using some popular software pianos? (Like Ivory II, Galaxy II, Galaxy Vintage D, etc.)

This could be easily done over the Internet. (Of course not in real time, but with a small queue.)

I am asking this, because I do not (yet) own any of these software, but sometimes I would like to give a nicer sound to my recordings. (Currently I am using the built-in PHI sound engine of my Kawai CN-23 DP, which is OK for practicing, but I am not content with recording audio from it, because it does not have any digital output, and well ... PHI is certainly no match for the software pianos mentioned above.)

* * *

Therefore I would be interested in (both free and subscription-based) services for rendering music from midi to audio.

Does such thing exist?

Thank you for your help: