Hi to everyone! Today I wanted to post my perfomance of "Sacromonte", the gypsy dance number 5 from the first set of gypsies dances smile

It has been composed by the spanish composer Joaquín Turina.

Sacromonte is a district of the city Granada, placed in Spain. It's a zone where there are a lot of gypsies with a lot of tradition and popular songs.

I played this piece some years ago and now I wanted to play it again and record myself to put it on YouTube. The folk gypsy song isn't "too" romantic, so I decided not to use the pedal at all (also the composer didn't suggest it, so it's totally optional). If you listen to other versions on YouTube, you could think I play it too fast, but I've been totally faithful to the tempo's mark that the composer wrote on the score, wich is "Allegro moderato". On the last part the indication is "Piu Vivo" and for that reason i played it very fast, that part.

Thank you very much and I hope you like it!! laugh