Hi everyone :P

This week I'm going to show you a very particular piece: "El españolito" (The little Spaniard) composed by Victor Carbajo.

It's a set of 60 variations over the national Spain's anthem. The variations represent some different musical period, different composers, musical styles etc.

These were 60 variations but as it was too long I've had to do a selection with my 24 favourites variations and I played them in a concert. Here it's the variations' order:

1(I. Density) 2(II. Boogie-Boogie Claxon) 3(III. Danza Alemana) 4(IV. Mozart Allegro) 5(V. Giga) 6(VI. Mozart Lento) 7(VII. Invención) 8(VIII. Polonesa Coja) 9(X. Marcello)
10 (XI. Disminuidos) 11 (XII. Chino) 12 (XIII. Rock & Roll) 13(XV. Beethoven Patético) 14(XVI. Strepitoso) 15(XVII. Clouseau) 16(XVIII. Polka) 17(XIX. Zortzico)18 (XX. Calypso) 19(XXV. ValSchumann) 20(XXVI. Turco) 21(XXVII. Vals Brahms) 22(XXVIII. Nyman) 23(XXX. Williams) 24(XXI. Blues)

Victor Carbajo is an actual spanish composer not very famous but he has some very ingenious pieces like this one.

I hope you like it! Thank you for watching! smile

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