Hi to everyone! Well, today i'm going to show you a very cool thing!! laugh

It's a record made on the last Christmas (2010)

Here it's the transcription of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" for 4 hands made by the original composer (Edvard Grieg)

This piece was played by my friend Natalia (who plays high notes) and me (who plays low notes) It's a piece which I love. We have recorded it with a very very good image quality and a good sound quality. This piece makes me to want to play more pieces from Grieg, because this one is incredible (maybe, i should play all the suite op 46... that could be perfectly one of my future projects ^_^)

It's the only piece i've played from Edvard Grieg, this norwegian composer; but i've liked it so much that I think I will play more of his pieces.

I hope you like it smile

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