the left hand on the organ has always been somewhat of a mystery to me.
do I use the 7th and 3rd do I use partial chords do I use rootless voicings.

I havent really found a system per se that I feel covers enough genres and styles of music
and at the same time fit the organ

I tried four note rootless voicings and for the most part I like these however I find that they dont always provide the warm sound I am looking for because rootless voicings systems employ the 13th which is not always a good options sure I can opt to not play the 13 more on that later.

long story sohrt I am now playing frgaments which I find are a lot more organ friendly

and the good thing about fragments is that one fragment can work over four different types of chords.

so to play 60 chords you only need 8 chord fragments

talk about efficeiency