Well : http://www.myspace.com/kazakhstansymphony


My brother which is violonist have played with musicians from your country, may be with the symphonic orchestra I am unsure.

What you dont have to claim is making videos of "school for young piano tuners "

You have a computer and your own piano, is not it ? did you work to make a temperament on one string ?

I dont understand why you dont try to understand now that you have a standard tuning lever and mutes. I understand customers may be rare, (and more if they see your videos) but you could provide them a better service and take less time for obtaining a more standard tuning. WIth ear and a minimal comprehension you could do as good as that tuner from Russia in a little time.
OK it is not as easy as it seem but if you dont even try you will never attain that.

The day some customer who need a better work will ask you you will not be able to provide.

I dont really care in the end, I believe that it is hard to change.

you are not the only one persuaded to do good, but I thought you could do a little better with good conditions, as others have believed I suppose.

I wish you the best.

BUt I understand you may not have enough time or opportunities to work on your piano technician training, this is not done on customers piano usually, that is why I asked.

Professional of the profession.
Foo Foo specialist
I wish to add some kind and sensitive phrase but nothing comes to mind.!