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The building of keyboard instruments began over 300 years ago. The development started with the organ and the Harpsichord, continued through the pianoforte, and reached its high point with what today is known as the modern grand piano - which remains until now virtually unchanged. (The Golden Years of grand piano construction were between 1825 and 1925).

Grand pianos belong as much to the appreciation of art as the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, or an authentically restored historical building, all of which have both high artistic and material value. Recognizing this has given me the exciting idea to create a renaissance of antique instruments for the pleasure of both art and music lovers.
An antique grand piano, more or less 100 years old, presents a unique form of aesthetics, both in music and appearance as well as an instrument and as the focal point of a home. When one considers how many famous pianists or passionate piano players have already played on one or another of these grands (and how many are yet to play upon them), it is imperative to save these magnificent instruments from decay and to give pianists and their entire surroundings the joyous gift these pianos can offer.
With this conviction in mind, Palace Pianos has for the sale exclusively all types of pianos that have been found mostly in their original magical conditions, maintaining their original tone quality. Every year more than 50 pianos are sold world wide and we feel it is our duty to follow the 19th-Century motto "Build good instruments and you will never have to worry about selling them".

In the United States, only about a third of the noted European piano builders are known. In general, one recognizes the traditional manufacturers: Steinway, Bechstein, Boesendorfer, and Bluethner. One does not often hear about the oldest, and some existing piano building companies of Schiedmayer, August Foerster, Ibach, Grotrian-Steinweg, Andreas Streicher, Pleyel, Erard, among others.

All these Piano Makers displayed their famous works at many of the World Universal Expositions, and these pieces we offer you are some of the exact same ones! Pianos made for Nobles, Royals, and some once owned by famous composers, these pieces hold their own place in the history of piano making. At Palace Pianos, you can own one of these unique and rare pieces that marked their makers names into the History books of the world.

We find the history of each individual piano using our extensive international archives which includes many countries from all over the world. This work is not easy to find all the time. With our group of experts, we have discovered many important piano made for some important people from the times. Copies of these documents are given with each piano to their new owners.


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