I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Bill Bremmer for his devotion to teaching others the Art of Tuning. I have studied daily on this forum for several years, and I will always be grateful for the insight that I have gleaned from this Forum. I am especially grateful for the insight and academic posts that Mr. Bremmer has shared. I have just returned from the PTG convention where I got to meet him in person. He most graciously gave me several hours of his time, clarifying different questions that I had, and showing me his encouragement for the tuning exam I was scheduled to take.

I found over the past year that his Marpurg shortcut to ET was by far the easiest to understand and duplicate. It was to me a simple process explained in common sense directions.

His temperament, along with many other techniques he has written, helped me to pass the Tuning Exam with very high scores in all areas.

I highly suggest to the people on this forum that are looking for proven methods to improve their work to study in depth his writings and techniques. They proved invaluable to me in a high pressure timed exam.

Thank you, Mr. Bremmer, from myself and the many silent technicians that "lurk" on this forum. Your devotion to helping others is both admired and appreciated.

Charles Belknap
B.Arts, M.Ed
Admin. Cert. Oklahoma State University (go Pokes)