Just heard this composition/piece.
Below in italics is the blurb with this Youtube video. I'd recommend listening to just the audio
first to get a sense of the music....
This video added after the music. Train sounds at beginning not in the original.
I think it's a special piece of music.

This music video was shot in Ali Shan and directed by Yung Chang for ensemble 's Before Night song. Ali Shan is a mountain located in Taiwan that is a popular destination and historic landmark for local tourists, known for its immaculate sunrise. In 1987, when Yung was ten years old, his family climbed to the peak. The sun appears so close it is as if you can reach out and touch the rays of light. In December 2009, Chang returned to Ali Shan with a 16mm Bolex camera. He wanted to attempt to recreate his memories of that experience.

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