I find it an inconvenience that it is only possible to change forums at the top of the page and to return to the forum index at the bottom of the page. This is annoying. (I encounter it on another site that uses this same bbs software also.) I'm wondering . . .

1) Is there a setting/preferences option available to the site owner that will permit the other button (i.e. both buttons) to appear at the top/bottom of the page?

2) If not, could a request be made to have this feature in the next software update?

It's really awkward to start a thread, read a couple of posts, realize you want to move on and have to scroll all the way down to get back in to the thread index. It's actually faster to choose "Forums" and reselect the particular forum. It's also awkward to be at the bottom, of the page and know you want to move on to another forum and have to scroll all the way back to the top to select the "Forums" button.

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