Recently I spent some time playing a SALA equipped, newly rebuilt Steinway C, and I thought it was extraordinary!

While I played, I closed my eyes while the installing technician changed settings. It was quite apparent when this was happening, and it made a tremendous difference in feel.

Two other things not mentioned in the posts above:

Since there are two knobs that move the fulcrum points on each side of the keyframe, it is possible to have one side play lighter or heavier than the other, along with the ability to dial in many shades in between.

The tone changes as the settings are changed! I love this aspect of SALA, and it was an unexpected experience that I think adds a great deal of versatility and flexibility to the modification.

It's really quite beautiful and elegant, and fascinating to experiment with. As far as cost, I believe that the time and effort involved for implementation of the system justifies the price. Mr. Stanwood has my complete respect for this achievement, and I can see this becoming a sought-after mod for certain pianos in high visibilty performance venues, or for those pianists that desire greater flexibility for their repertoire or tonal palette. Very impressive!

Edit: just noticed that Ryan Sowers mentioned the ability to adjust both ends...

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