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If music is played on instrument(s) that it was not originally played on, it is either a realisation (the notation is not changed) or a transcription (the notation is changed to suit the new instrument(s).
Can we agree on that terminology? If so, we realise Bach on the piano as we have no need to change the notation.
As for the use of the pedal, it has nothing to do with legato: the whole spectrum of ultra legato through detached to ultra staccato can and should be achieved through the fingers. Where the pedal is used, it is surely for colour/sustaining a single note/chord or a series of notes that are harmonically compatible, for musical reasons, not technical reasons. [...] To the extent that every instrument is different, the use of the pedal will vary. I think it is mainly to do with the sustaining power of the instrument and the different combination of harmonics generated which inform how we use the pedal to create the musical effect we want.

Nice points, sandalholme! This thread keeps on giving, indeed! grin

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