I'm an adult self taught beginner who has recently started getting into learning some Chopin; that is my level of playing seemed to warrant another foray into his music. I had learned the waltz in Am earlier, not well though, but now have started dabbling with several nocturnes as well as a prelude, waltz, and ballade or 2. My method has often been to take it hands seperately at first especially working on the often repetitive bass. Anyway i was listening to 'Album Leaf' which incidently is not covered by any major players on youtube but there are several 'home versions'. My first impression was 'where have i heard this before?' and the obvious answer is 'at some other time when i played or heard this piece' and that may be but when i heard it last night i felt it had a similarity to another Chopin piece, maybe a nocturne or a prelude. I've gotten pretty familiar with the nocturnes and think it may not be one of those but i just get this feeling there's a companion piece out there similar to yhis one. Does anyone know what this might be and also why this piece is not covered by the major pianists at least as represented on youtube; it's a very pretty piece of music.