I am looking to buy a digital piano/keyboard. I have about £500 to spend so I was looking at around Yamaha YDP-S30, YDP131, P95 or DGX630/40.

However really when listening to these none of them really have the tone I want - they all seem to have a good 'classical' sound, or the other sound is just too 'bright'. The DGX also has a lot of other sounds which maybe I haven't heard of so perhaps that would suit.

Really my requirements are:

1) Good weighted keys, good action
2) Have a MIDI output so I can use it as a MIDI Controller on PC
3) I really only plan on perhaps playing chords, not really classical or complex stuff. I can't play piano yet although I can play several other instruments and I do know the difference between a good action piano and a terrible one. The tone I am after is something similar to what Gary Barlow is playing here (listen at 10:30-11:00, 18:15-18:45, 45:30-46:45): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9EgLV8E9AY

I like that sort of warm sound, it seems quite bass heavy and perhaps a tiny bit overdriven?

Does anyone know of any keyboards that would have this sort of sound? I suppose the DGX should have something similar. I thought about getting just a MIDI Keyboard instead with proper weighted keys and then a set of monitors, however I don't think MIDI is really a substitute to a real instrument that makes its own 'sounds'.

Thanks for any help