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I've never seen a more dangerous rewriting of history.

Try Gone with the Wind.

Except that nobody considers it a serious account of the civil war. Besides, it has Vivien Leigh at her most fetching. 3hearts

And Clark Gable at his most dashing! (Whatever Scarlett saw in that wimpy Ashley Wilkes I will never know.)

Who was played by Leslie Howard, though not the pianist. I sometimes jokingly refer to the pianist as Ashley Wilkes, I'm not sure if anyone ever got the reference.

I guess I'll have to see this King's Speech when it comes out on DVD, but I don't have the slightest interest in the social network.

Damon - I'm a lot older than you - and definitely a dinosaur when it comes to computers and the internet - BUT I found TSN quite fascinating and well made.

And - do you remember Leslie Howard (Ashley Wilkes) as a violinist in 1939's "Intermezzo" with Ingrid Bergman. Great flick.

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