"Living Classic" is a social network platform for classical and jazz music. Its mission is to build a large community of artists, art lovers, music teachers and students, theatres, Academies, event planners; a place where members can watch Events live webcast (and on demand), listen to music, follow their favourite artists, get music sheets and performance and much more.

Artists can create their account and upload video or audio files, publish their concert dates and news, sell their cd, tracks or music sheets (work in progress for shop page), and give a great visibility to their own talent. Living Classic will promote artists' career sending the best video (high artistic content) to all Associations, Event planners and theatres in mailing list.

Living Classic wants to spread music all over the world, so that we focus on live streaming and on productions of professional audio/video recordings of concerts, masterclasses, lessons. Live streaming and video recordings (for free or on demand) are broadcasted on www.livingclassic.com.
Besides, Living Classic wants to promote musicians’ talent, so it creates a new kind of competition using the most popular mean of communication: internet.
The "Living Classic Online Music Award" is an online competition: competitors must upload a video of their performance on Living Classic website and a jury, made up of music experts known throughout the world, must choose the winners, as competition rules define better and in detail on http://www.livingclassic.com/competition/classic.
"Living Classic Online Music Award" wants to pursue the Alink-Argerich Foundation's aim of correctness and transparency in competition and in the Jury. That's why the Jury may not be composed of persons having a family, kinship or work relations with one or more competitors, and members of Jury are not allowed to introduce competitors with whom they had been having teaching relations over the last 3 years before competition.
Members of Jury are Riccardo Risaliti, Alan Weiss, Hector Moreno, Giuseppe Andaloro, and Daniel Rivera as foreman of the jury.

I hope you will enjoy Living Classic competition!