THanks for the info BazC, you've saved me a post!!

I only had time this weekend to sit down and spend a half hour mucking around with it and my findings are similar to yours. Especially the issues with the Velocity curve.

I was able to get a "reasonable" sound out of it, however, I noticed that when playing a staccato G# above middle-C that it would tend to really bring out an annoying "ringing" in the G# two octaves above! Playing that note in staccato I note that it's got a very long decay compared with the notes either side of it. Maybe this is it's string resonance gone a bit mad. To confirm it wasn't my RD700 causing the problem, I disconnected it and used the mouse to "click" the note and it still happens.

The sound over-all isn't bad for the money and as you say, it's a bit hard to not get too critical given it's price. Being a stand-alone module, it plays surprisingly responsively.

Nord Stage 2, VAX77