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That's interesting that there are 'tons' of Oscar Peterson transcriptions available for free. Including all the other artists you mentioned, where are these transcriptions? I aware of about six different Oscar Peterson books which are availbale for free on the internet; in fact the same six books have multipied into hundreds of different copies. But none of them are really satisfactory. His jazz excercise books are fundamentally a waste of time. Even the Hal Leonard artis transcription books don't really contain all his best solos. Peterson actually didn't have a choice over which ones whiich were published, and some of the transcriptions contain errors. I've even seen Oscar Peterson transcriptions only published in Japan and not available in the US. Several years ago there was a Russian company that published some of his transcriptions which were actually worth while learning. That book however is near impossible to obtain. So exactly what is available of Oscar Peterson? And what have you posted?
If six books aren't enough for you or you don't like those transcriptions then I guess you won't be satisfied.